For most coffee lovers, drinking coffee is one thing but experiencing coffee is another thing. While we can always have coffee with instant coffee products or make an order from a coffee shop, we can brew our own finest coffee using the french press. But even when coffee brewing isn’t a “brain surgery”, you still need to know the fundamentals ofhigh-quality brewing. 

Perfect Coffee Brewing Essentials

Get your brewed coffee right and have an impeccable coffee experience with the tips below:

  1. Obtain Fresh, Top Quality Coffee Beans

High quality coffee bean is the top priority when you want a perfectly brewed coffee. When you hit the supermarket for some coffee bean, it’s easy to get attracted to the well-designed packaging and assume it’s 100% fresh. The truth of the matter is, coffee beans are roasted, cooled, and set in cans and packages but it also begins to lose its flavor when it comes in contact with air.  For this reason, it is suggested to opt for coffee beans which are sealed in bags with one-way valves. This would let roasters place the roasted beans immediately after cooling it off preventing contact with air and maintain quality as well as freshness. Even a far better option is to acquire beans freshly roasted from local roasters nearby. It would definitely produce top quality coffee than those which are found in the supermarket. 

  1. Set the Optimum Brewing Temperature

To brew a perfect coffee, it’s important for you to know that brewing temperature matters a lot for flavor retention. If you’re making coffee through a french press, it’s good to set the temperature to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for lighter roasts while 195 degrees Fahrenheit for darker roasts.

  1. Choose the Right Grind Size

The grind size significantly matters depending on the type of brewing device that you will use. The french press would require a coarser grind than the drip coffee maker to produce a good-tasting coffee, otherwise,the resulting coffee will taste so bitter and you’ll get a residue that resembles a chalk. 

  1. Use Water of Good Quality

Probably, the water quality is the most neglected component in brewing coffee but actually, its importance can easily be understood with a simple mathematical equation. Good quality of water plus top quality coffee beans equals perfect coffee! Some coffee brewing experts recommend using freshly purified spring water in coffee so there’s no reason why shouldn’t start from there. 

  1. Know Your Right Dosage

Now, this can be the trickiest part. Every coffee drinker will have his or her desire for a coffee dosage. For those coffee lovers using the french press for the first time, 1 tablespoon of ground coffee beans for every 4 oz of cup would be great. Find your perfect coffee brew by increasing or lowering the dose thereafter.

Final Words

It’s not surprising that many people nowadays love drinking coffee. But if you’d like to have the best coffee experience, it’s good if you can brew your own coffee at home using the best coffee brewing device. Just remember that top quality coffee beans, brewing temperature, grind size, water quality, and the right dosage are the essentials to asupremebrewed coffee.