Styling clothes is something that is loved by everyone. Every person wants to style outfits in such a way that they look elegant, presentable, and beautiful. It is quite easy for some people to style clothes. On the other hand, some people struggle to create a simple outfit. However, fashion designing institutes in Kolkata, such as INIFD Saltlake, teach the students about what a person needs in their wardrobe in order to create an eye-catching outfit.

There are five things that one needs to have in their wardrobe. They are as follows.

A black/white t-shirt or shirt: Styling t-shirts and shirts is very easy, especially if it is either black or white. A pair of jeans of any colour will look aesthetically pleasing when they will be paired with a black or white t-shirt or shirt.

A light brown overcoat: A light brown overcoat is like a cherry on top in case of any outfit. Pairing a white t-shirt with a pair of blue shorts looks cozy. Putting on a light brown overcoat turns it into a fashionable outfit.

Blue jeans: A pair of blue jeans go with anything. One can pair blue jeans with a shirt, t-shirt, crop top, tank top, kurta, and many more things. Also, a pair of blue jeans go well with any colour.

Belt: A belt of thick width completes an outfit. Whether it’s a skirt, jeans, or shorts, a black-coloured belt gives a finishing look to the outfit.

A grey coloured scarf: There are various ways to style a scarf. But, a grey-coloured scarf goes with almost every outfit. One just needs to style it properly.

A fashion designing institute helps students to learn about these things. They get an idea of how to style an outfit by pairing the right clothes in the right way.

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