Gajak is a traditional Indian dessert that is mostly made in winter. It comes in many forms and varies with ingredients. The gajak is a very famous snack for its flavour and health benefits. This is made from natural ingredients, and that’s why they are delicious. It is a festive snack for Lohri and makar Sankranti. The growing popularity of this traditional dry snack has made it available online. Now you can buy Gajak Online. Gajak is also known as rewari and has many names based on the cultural influence of the place. Some people call it Chikki.

Gud-til Gajak;

These are the most famous Gajak found in winter. The main ingredients used to make this gajak are sesame seeds and peanuts to make this sweet. Malwa’s flavour will leave you drooling over Gud-Gajak, made with jaggery and ghee.

Til-revadi Gajak:

Gajak of this variety is smaller. It can be made with white til and jaggery. It is the crunchiest form of gajak.

Khas-Khas Barfi Gajak:

This gajak is a unique blend of Gud, Til and Khas Khas. This gives Gajak an exotic flavour, giving it the texture of cotton candy.

Til-Mawa Gajak:

This type of gajak is the most famous sweet dish for festivals. The gajak is glossy, smooth, thin, and looks like a small biscuit. It is made with roasted and ground flour, sugar, mava, cardamom powder, ghee, and milk, and the mawa mix makes it look like a royal dessert.

Dry fruit Gajak:

These are traditional as well as the most common Gajak. This is made with jaggery nuts and seed. People love a variety of crunchy ingredients, including peanuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, puffed rice, toasted chanada, and dried coconut.

Is Chikki good for health?

You might have this question in your mind: “Are peanut gajak is good for your health?” When considering the benefits of Chikki, a piece of Jaggery Chikki provides the right balance of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. So, you may see many vendors and shopkeepers keeping Chikki in stock during the winter. And that’s because the ingredients used to make crows have a warm flavour that protects your body from the cold wind and the illnesses associated with it.

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Gajak’s other healthy food source is the presence of super foods – Peanut & Almond or other ingredients from the “Nut Family.” These super foods are rich vegetarian sources of protein. Although it is high in fat, so these fats are considered “healthy fats,” which are essential for the growth of the body as well. Jaggery is a pure form of sugar without any preservatives and has less sucrose than white sugar. So, it is a healthier choice for health-conscious individuals who are trying to avoid sugar.

Buy the delicious Gajak Online:

It is possible that some vendors may include unrefined jaggery, which can have side effects on your body. If you are looking to buy Gajak Online, so you can find different websites to buy it. Gajak is made from the purest jaggery, and it doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives. Buy this delicious gajak and help your body build a stronger immune system!