The cutest thing I find in the world is playing with Pandas. I can pay to play with them. But do you know some people actually get paid to play with Pandas? Similarly, there are jobs in which people get paid to play with cute babies or simply to watch movies. While the majority of people spend their whole life complaining about their workplace and suffer Monday morning blues, few just don’t want to go back home. Not for the money but for the most interesting jobs they are doing. Let’s have a look at a few such jobs that one would die for:

  • Panda Keeper: It definitely gets the first spot on my list. Pandas are the cutest creature on the planet and most mischievous too. But their mischiefs are worth tolerating. Panda keepers are required to feed them, take care of them and play with them. Currently, you can find Pandas in Smithsonian National Zoo (Washington, USA), San Diego Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Zoo Calgary and many others. We don’t actually know whether you need your transcript certificate for such jobs or not but get all your documents ready, get your certificates attestation done and fly for this job.
  • Video game tester: Do you know the combined revenue of PC gaming and mobile gaming is more than $100 billion? The gaming industry is fast growing and we know how much people love playing video games. Imagine you get paid for playing your favourite video games? Sounds heavenly, right? Well, that’s true. Gaming companies require to test the games they developed before they can actually launch them in the market. The job of a video game tester is to play games and find any glitch, suggest better changes and give impactful recommendations. So playing games and recommending how to make it better is extra fun.
  • Movie reviewer: Major media publishing houses have a separate column dedicated to reviewing the newly launched movies. And they hire experts who watch movies and notice every scene in detail to find out how much effort has been made in every segment of the movie. So if you like watching movies, and comment about cinematography, story and acting with your friends then this job is for you. You can even start as a freelancer and join review companies later.
  • Toymakers: A confectioner may not eat the sweets he prepares but a toymaker cannot resist playing with the toys he makes. Toys not only delight kids but adults too. For someone who likes flying toy planes, do creative arrangements, spin tops, etc. just go for it?
  • Sommelier or Wine tester: hospitality industry doesn’t treat its customer as kings but emperors. Therefore it is very important for them to provide their customers with the most satisfying food-wine combination. And who can recommend it best other than the one who has tasted all the good wines? Not only that the brewers are also required to ensure that the lagers they brewed are up to the mark. For someone fond of tasting all the new beers and wine, here’s your door to heaven.
  • Astronauts: Well, this profession is very hard and competitive but it is worth it. Only the finest of the people can make it to this job. Becoming an astronaut you can experience a world away from this world. You can experience no gravity, see the earth like a ball, experience complete darkness and can come closer to experience the becoming of this universe. ISRO, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA, are a few top space agencies. So get your transcript certificate ready, get your certificate attestations done, fly to these nations and work hard to get into these agencies.

These are the top 6 most interesting jobs on my list. There are many more such jobs like actor, painter sportsman, athlete, singer, dancer, etc. where the people actually love and enjoy what they are doing. Which other job do you find exciting like these. If you got a chance, which job would you like to go for? Do share with us in the comments section below.