You may give a famous scientific experiment utilizing vinegar and baking soda to create a foaming reaction with a fresh twist by adding food coloring. Allow children to participate in the “cooking” process. Play is how your toddler learns language, develops problem-solving abilities, learns about the world around him, and burns energy. What happens, though, if you’re confined indoors on a rainy day — or, worse, if your family is forced to quarantine for an extended period? Keeping your child entertained is a unique — and exhausting — issue no matter why you’re at home. As caregivers don’t have enough on their plates, toddlers require constant stimulation to keep everyone happy, healthy, and sane. 

There are many options for Children’s Entertainers among which you can choose the best. But there are only so many times you can watch Blippi, and old standbys like puzzles and coloring books lose their appeal. So, if your patience is wearing thin and you’re out of inventive solutions to combat cabin fever, consider the following suggestions:

  • Make something out of playdough.

Playdough is an excellent way for kids to get their hands dirty and create fascinating shapes. Make your playdough using this simple recipe. Then show your child how to cut out ‘biscuits’ using shaped biscuit cutters and a rolling pin. A garlic press can also be used to create squiggly chunks. One of our favorite things to do with toddlers is bake.

  • Create rainbows.

However, you can only watch Blippi so many times, and old standbys like puzzles and coloring books lose their attraction. If your patience is wearing thin and you’ve run out of creative ways to beat cabin fever, try the following ideas:

  • Make a sensory bag

Make squishy bags full of exciting sensations with zippered plastic bags and duct tape.

  • Pay a visit to the park.

One of the most incredible things to do with toddlers is to get out and about (weather allowing!) and enjoy the fresh air. Take a ball or a ride-on toy with you. While you mingle with other mothers, they might make a friend.

  • Make them learn to swim.

You may take your child for a swim and a kick now that swimming pools have reopened. Many recreation centers provide dedicated children’s sessions with additional equipment such as floats and balls for fun water play.

  • Make a pom-pom shoot out of tape.

Attach empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes to the poster board with washi tape to make a slide for pom-poms and other small toys for a fun DIY toddler play.

  • Set off some colorful explosions.

By adding food coloring to a popular scientific experiment involving vinegar and baking soda to create a foaming reaction, you can give it a new spin.

  • Create a mask

Make a mask out of an inexpensive paper plate with this tutorial. Alternatively, you can sketch an animal’s face on a card and cut holes for the eyes. Cut some ears out and glue them to the top. Allow your child to color it before attaching a straw to it so they can hold it in front of their cute faces.