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Our online quiz games not only offer great elementary science practice but the questions and answers from other topics are also helpful in improving your knowledge. Our questions range from easy to hard and we provide you with correct answer of each question so that you can check how well you performed in a game. 

You will find questions about stars, planets, moons, astronauts, astronomy and more in this fun science quiz game. Take the challenge and find out how many answers you know. If you want to improve your knowledge about electricity, water, chemistry, physics, human body, biology, planet, animal, technology, earth and more then play our science quiz. 

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You can not only try your luck on our science quiz but many other topics are also available for a play such as General Knowledge. History and Geography, Music, Science, Bollywood, Cricket, Who am I, Mythology and many more to come. 

Question 4 and question 8 give you a chance to score double points and will also increase your ranking among other players playing live. 

You get a 50-50 lifeline every time you refer a friend. When you use a lifeline any two wrong answers will be removed out of the four options while you are playing the live game. This increases your chance to win a game. 

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