Everyone wants to look glamorous and nails also play a great role in it. But when nails become chip, fray and brittle than one feel like losing the self-confidence and something is lacking in the beauty. Some people are seen to have the ridges on their nails and that grow out of the part of the nail and this really seems very bad. Some of them have the brittle nails where it becomes very difficult to have the same length of all the nails to look good. 

Most of us don’t have the luxury living means like pampering princess but we have to do all the household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning and doing our hairs these tasks can make the nails brittle sometimes. Many people visit doctors with this problem and start having medicines which sometimes goes for a long time. To ease this issue online pharmacies like Canadian pharmacy are proving the medicines and the supplements that are needed for making nails strong at your doorsteps. 

But if one can reduce the chances of having such issues and consuming medicines just by picking some of the tips that can be added in their daily routine nothing can be better than that. 

  • Short Nails– If you are working that means more work that involves the use of your hands then it is better to keep your nails short. Short nails allow you to keep your nails healthy and strong and reduce the chances of being brittle. Keep them strong till you find them growing healthy and strong.
  • Moisturize Them- If you are living in the cold region and keep your hands most of the time in gloves then it becomes very necessary to moisturize them before covering them with gloves. To make the nails and cuticles strong moisturizing is the best choice to pick.
  • Wearing Gloves– Keeping your hands more in the soapy water make them brittle as water is the first enemy of the nails. Nails are made up of protein layer and when nails come in contact with water for a long time when it comes in between these layers to make them split. 
  • Filing– Improper filing is another factor responsible for the damaged nails. Sawing across back and forth makes the nails brittle and sawing your nails actually creates fraying your nails. When you use file then make sure that it has the fine grains not the coarse grains.
  • Wearing Nail Polish– bare nails are better than keeping them covered with the nail polish. As the chemicals present in the nail polish and the nail polish removers that actually damages the nails and make them brittle. Formaldehyde and tourmaline are two ingredients that we can find in nail polish that are very much harmful to the nails. 

Keeping these above points in mind helps you in making your brittle nails strong. Besides this, you can have a healthy nail diet like having food rich in omega 3 and omega 6fatty acids, calcium and protein. Biotin also promotes the healthy growth of the nails.