Eyebrow lift surgery is an important cosmetic surgery procedure that removes sagging eyebrows and excess skin or fatty tissue over the eyes area. Droopy eyebrows and lines on the forehead can easily removed with the help of brow lift surgery. Some facial muscles hold down the eyebrows and by treating these muscles, we can lift eyebrows.

Sagging skin and wrinkles are the main aging signs. Most people express their emotions (stress, anxiety, anger, pain, etc.) by lifting their eyebrows. It also contracts their forehead muscles. As a result, they start getting sagging skin, drooping eyelids, and wrinkles. It makes the overall appearance bad and also makes you an older-looking person. Well, you don’t need to think a lot and trust medical science advancements. Many clinics are providing brow lift surgery. This procedure helps you to rejuvenate your appearance by removing the aging signs (wrinkles & sagging skin). However, you may be curious regarding the selection of the procedure between surgical and non-surgical brow lift. So, we are writing this piece of information for your help. Read this article as it provides a closer look at the procedures. In this way, it will be helpful for you to make a decision.

Treatment Options

In the past, eyebrow surgery was only performed with the help of different surgical techniques. Due to advancements in cosmetic surgery, the eyebrow lift procedure can perform with the help of non-surgical techniques. Both surgical and non-surgical methods give long-lasting results. Consultation with an expert surgeon will reveal whether you need a surgical brow lift procedure or a non-surgical brow lift procedure.

Ideal Candidate

A perfect candidate for eyebrow lift surgery in Dubai must possess good health. The person has sagging eyebrows and excess skin or fatty tissue over your eyes. The person appears tired because of droopy eyebrows and lines on the forehead. He or she must not have a skin disease. The person must be a non-smoker. The person must have realistic expectations with the treatment. There are some minor side effects and these side effects disappear within the 3 weeks after the surgery. The procedure is equally effective for both men and women. The procedure generally performed on people ages 35 to 70.

Cost of Eyebrow Lift Surgery

The cost of the eyebrow lift surgery is not fixed because its cost varies from case to case. The non-surgical brow lift procedure generally costs less than surgical brow lift surgery.

Surgical Brow Lift

As the name reveals, the eyebrow lift is surgical. To get this treatment, you have to find your surgeon carefully. Our surgeons are highly-expert and provide outstanding results. This is the reason, all of our clients are happy with our services. This procedure is specific to lifting the tissues of your forehead to make them high. In this way, you will get reduced deep creases and a more youthful appearance. Also, this technique will be helpful in removing excess skin. If your main concern is to get rid of excess skin and reduce your brow for a long time period, then this procedure is ideal for you. There is another possibility of making the results better by getting a combination of techniques. Also, the results remain for a long time period.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Normally, one or more injectables utilized to perform the non-surgical procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure with the use of Botox. Botox helps to pause the further movement of the specific muscles. As a result, you will be able to get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles, and other ageing signs. Another non-surgical procedure is the use of laser treatment. It helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin. We use the latest lasers to provide you with the best possible results. However, you need to get multiple sessions in case of get your desired results without any surgery.


Though, we encourage you to discuss essential details and your beauty goals before making any decision. Each procedure is not good for all. It might happen that one of your friends got amazing results with a surgical procedure, but it would not work for you. So, you have to discuss your aims and other important aspects with your doctor. Our surgeons are always here to assist you. We are always happy to answer your queries as your experience is our main priority.

Eyebrow lift is possible with the help of a non-surgical method. A non-surgical method for a brow lift is also effective and gives long-lasting results. For If you want to know for sure whether you should go for a surgical or non-surgical brow lift procedure, you should consult with a brow lift expert.