Investors looking for consistent and stable returns might find college communities a perfect place to put down their cash. This factor is particularly quite true as college enrollment continues to rise every year. As an increasing number of Gen Z individuals head off to schools, investors enjoy an improved opportunity to enjoy consistent returns and low vacancy levels when it comes to student housing rentals. They can always partner with property management companies like Nelson Partners to make this process a lot smoother. The overarching theme for student housing performance is one of stability.

Choosing the right property is among the most important steps in making a fruitful student housing investments. Most students want to rent properties that are close to their campus or at least enjoy a good proximity to public transit centers. Nelson Partners, for instance, manages properties near Western Washington University and University of Northern Colorado. Due to their advantageous localities, these properties enjoy high demand.   Property owners will be in the position to ask for higher rent if their property is located near the campus, and is equipped with certain important amenities.

Options for financing an investment when it comes to student housing property largely depend on the financial situation of an investor, as well as the type of property they want to purchase. Investing in a single-family or multi-family home might be affordable for them by only using their savings or by taking a mortgage on their own home. Larger multifamily units may, however, require bank financing, which subsequently will need collateral. If a person knows any other would-be investor, then they can always consider a joint venture in which they own the property jointly and share in the profits and expenses. Similar to any other form of real estate investment, the purchase price, closing costs and money required for immediate improvements when determining the cost of financing must be considered in the process.

Once a person acquires a student housing property, they will have to market its property for their investment to orderly pay off. Conventional forms of local marketing shall not be as effective as targeted marketing that manages to reach current and incoming students. It will be smart to advertise through nearby colleges, most of which might sell ad space on websites.

Similar to any rental property, the owner needs to decide whether they will manage the student housing property by themselves or seek out the aid of a professional property manager. If the owners have both time and inclination to take care of maintenance and small repairs, they can decide to manage the property by themselves. 

However, if they want to have enough free time to manage other investments or continue with their current job, seeking out the aid of property managers like Nelson Partners.  It is always smarter to seek assistance from companies that has both experience and expertise in managing student housing projects.